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You know Pygmy Puffs from J. K. Rowlings'  Harry Potter? Those small, fluffy creatures that are so very suitable as pets? Of course, they belong to Mrs. Rowling, but I'm going to borrow them for a short while, to explain my point.

Can we, for the sake of comparison, imagine that Pygmy Puffs were real living beings and were existent here, in our entirely non magical world. They'd be running (or rolling? I never figured out their method of moving around) about, squeaking their cute little squeaks and being fluffy and small.
Since they'd be inhabitants of the real world, they weren't going to be just there, of course, but they'd be an important part of the eco system. Eating certain plants or animals or parts thereof, burrowing in the hills, or whatever they were going to do, in our imagined world with Pygmy Puffs. Wasn't that going to be the coolest thing ever, especially since they are completely harmless to humans?

But, instead of keeping them as pets, or at the least ignoring the cute little critters, there were going to be lots and lots of people being mortally afraid of Pygmy Puffs. There'd be no reason for people to hate Pygmy Puffs, but still, when seeing one, a Pygmy Puff Hater was going to scream: 'EEEEEWWWWW! A Pygmy Puff! EEEEWWWWWWWWW! Getitoutgetitoutgetitout!'

In this imagined world, the internet also was going to exist. In many of the countless forums that have something like a 'random' or 'all that doesn't fit the forum topics' category, you'd sooner or later happen upon a post that goes: 'Oh no, I just saw the meanest Pygmy Puff EVAR. It was so gross and right in my bedroom to boot! I can't go in there anymore, will have to sleep on the sofa. EEEEWWWW'. And many, many forum members were going to chime in, how evil Pygmy Puffs are, how gross, how gross their eyes are, how even the thought of one walking into their home makes them all sick and so on.

In homes, offices and shops everywhere there were going to be people who were afraid of Pygmy Puffs. The range of being afraid was going to go from 'slighty put off' to 'full blown panic', with everything in between.

For dealing with the Pygmy Puff Problem, there'd only remain one possibility: Now and then, a fearless person was going to exist, and they, upon hearing the bloodchilling scream 'PYGMY PUFF! AAAAAARGH!', were going to take off their shoe and beat the offending Pygmy Puff to death and even remove the bloody mess that remained. Their partner/colleague was going to thank them profoundly for removing the 'dangerous monster', then.

Sometimes, an even stranger person might exist. They'd feel sorry for the Pygmy Puffs. After all, they've done nothing to deserve that treatment and are important parts of the eco system, with the same right to live as you and me. They are really interesting beings, with remarkably clean bodies, and some of them are colorful and pretty. They absolutely shouldn't be beat to death because they, with their small brains, made the mistake to not run fast enough when encountering a human.
If such a person was going to be called upon for help from a pygmypuffaphobic, they'd pick up the Pigmy Puff and release it outdoors, in the hopes that it was going to keep on living a full and long life, being ecologically useful and all that.

Meanwhile, pygmypuffaphobic colleague was wiping their sweaty brow, calming themselves and finally thanking Pygmy Puff Saver...'But please wash your hands, you just TOUCHED that monstrosity'.

The saved Pygmy Puff was going to sigh a big sigh of relief, since it just escaped those big fearsome two-legged monsters and lived to tell the tale.

Absurd, isn't it?

No, it isn't at all absurd. In my former workplace, I was the Pygmy Puff saver, and there was another colleague who was a Pygmy Puff killer. All the others get the chills at the mere thought of a Pigmy Puff. Thankfully, my husband and offspring are savers, too.

Please consider therapy for your fear of spiders. You know your fear is completely unreasonable anyway, and it takes away from your joy of life...and it kills little beings that have done absolutely nothing. Spiders are not gross, really. It is all in your head. Therapy against such phobic reactions works. Please, please make the world a better place by starting with something you can gain control over.

And yes, there are pink and green and white spiders, in our real world here. They are absolutely beautiful, and some are even a little fluffy.

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