You`ve been suspecting it, haven't you? I'm not going to post anything anymore.

Thank you for looking at my doodles for a couple of years.


Soooo...well. I quit my job, spent an awfully long time on preparations, and now...I'm going to travel for three months or so. No new doodles for three months, that is.

Be good, dear readers.


Dear readers, I've got a new scanner! On to more doodles.

Here we've got a part of the greenhouse heating at my old job.


Dear readers, sadly my scanner died. Until further notice (New scanner? Repair? I don't know!) I won't post doodles any more. :' (

Be good, ok?



Another break at work. The weather must have been bad, because I stayed indoors.

Bonus double page, also. :D


This one happened during an unexpected break at work. I grabbed a ball point pen and some paper and doodled away, sitting in the greenhouse at my workplace.

I quit, of course, so no greenhouse doodling any more...in fact, a disconcertingly low amount of doodling in general. :(
I've got a journey planned, that should ascertain more doodling once more. We'll see. :)