Dear readers, sadly my scanner died. Until further notice (New scanner? Repair? I don't know!) I won't post doodles any more. :' (

Be good, ok?



Another break at work. The weather must have been bad, because I stayed indoors.

Bonus double page, also. :D


This one happened during an unexpected break at work. I grabbed a ball point pen and some paper and doodled away, sitting in the greenhouse at my workplace.

I quit, of course, so no greenhouse doodling any more...in fact, a disconcertingly low amount of doodling in general. :(
I've got a journey planned, that should ascertain more doodling once more. We'll see. :)


This one is upside down, because, for some reason, I wrote the date on it the wrong way round. So, this is supposed to be like that.