This one is a landscape, I think. A lake and green hills, mountains in the background.

What are the rectangular bits?


Darkness, commence. It gets better with the next entry, promise.


Dots. No, really, I can't remember what was the motivation for this...


...now what was its name? Maybe I'll remember later, then I'm going to add that elusive name.


Another single-cell organism. I bet the thingies along its outer rim are suction cups or something similar.


I've got proper internet access! That's great, so, here we go again: A single-cell organism, or maybe not, maybe it's a jellyfish?


The water stain is gone for good, I think. So: a doodly doodle. Lines, squares, that kind of stuff. :)


A classic doodle, for once. Black on white paper, lines and dots...


A tree, possibly a dead tree, even. Also leaves, an apple, grapes and random colorful bits.


Another monster. This one turned out rather good in its final, cardboard, version. The teeth and eyes came out better.


For Halloween, we used to decorate the windows at our former apartment. We cut monsters from cardboard, and this is the first of last years' drafts. I don't think we'll continue the tradition of decorating at the new apartment, the offspring has grown out of that age...on the other hand, there is still me, and I do want Halloween decorations, so maybe...


A map, I think. Shrubs on the left, a creek, and grass on the right.


Genuine doodling on squared paper. Also, the water stain is gone, I think.


The night sky in autumn, also mushrooms, a tree and a root.


The sun in autumn and also an apple and a pear.

This doodle doesn`t fit today at all, today was the most lovely spring day, and now there is a nice evening going on, with soft white clouds and maybe impending rain. I want nothing to do with autumn now!


I just surfaced again after a work week from hell. Well, everything is back to normal now, so here is a new post: Sunshine and water once more.


A lake with an island, and that other thing might be a boat.



Just look at the offspring. Was it necessary to speed down that hill like that? Oh, well, probably it was, and everything healed up nicely, but still...good thing he wore his bicycle helmet.


:D Boating. Yes. Please do appreciate the sun hugging that cloud.


This is a maze where you start at the violet end and go towards the light green one. Or the other way round, I won't check. :)


I did pass the boating certificate test, and since then it is frequent sailing for me. :D


When I was preparing for the boating certificate test, I wrote all that stuff down. I'll only put the first page here and spare you the rest, it really is too much. Lots and lots of handwriting.


A feather. There are still small traces of the eternal water stain, in the lower right corner.


One of the tried and trusted patterns, with squares and circles at the corners.


Hills. I don't know what the violet shapes in the corners might be.


Well, we do have internet access again. Hello, you! The doodle above is a bit low-key for the special occasion, but here it is.

Our move went relatively smooth, but it was tiring, of course. Why do we have to own so many books?