This was a place where the soil was washed out and a root was visible.


Today's Sunday Special shows a row of houses and a city in the background. I like the houses and city, but the lawn is not so nice, I think.


This is a landscape again. I think there is a small creek, too.


And even more people. Actually, it is the same person, once looking away, once looking to the left.


Another person, trying to fade into the background, which is missing here, though.


We get a dragonfly for today's Sunday Special. The plants and everything else seems much more important than the dragonfly, though.


I seriously have no idea what this might be. February 2012 was not a productive month, as far as doodles are concerned, was it?

Maybe I see a row of steep hills here. There might even be some trees on top.


Moss, growing on the surface of the sun...yes. Also, there is a kind of flying seed pod at the right, ready to lift off. Or maybe it is sticking to a spider web, which itself is attached to aforementioned moss. :D



A house, probably for more people than your average family. Or maybe they all just need their space?


I like the dot pattern at the top left. I'd like to own a skirt with dots like that.


Well...I'm not sure what to make of this, but there are hearts.



Grass and puddles seen from above? Spilled out sugar, and someone drew lines with their finger?


At first I thought this was a landscape with two suns, but then I saw the bird king making his appearance. Well, he is the bird king, so he can sit sideways if he wants to, I guess?


A toadstool for today's Sunday Special. It doesn't fit the season, but I like it.


What is going on here? Hm, stripes,most likely a series of trellises, with plants growing near them, I think.