Can you see anything at all? I'm afraid this one didn't scan well.


This is autumnal...that was definitely not my intention, because spring is here, and I've been waiting for it!


And then she went and bought herself gel pens...as if she didn't have enough pens...


I liked yesterday's waves and decided to elaborate on them.


So I'm making homemade burgers usually, where the bun is also made from scratch, because store bought burger buns just aren't that tasty, but sometimes I don't have the time to make real buns, flour and yeast and all, so I make fake burger buns from courgettes and egg. They are so soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, plus you get the added bonus of more vegetables...long story short, it turned out I'm no good at doodling courgette bun substitutes, and the bun looked so much like a patch of grass that I added daisies on a whim...long story even shorter: not so pretty doodle. :(


What has the little guy seen that he's so sad now? Or anxious?


This one shows the path to happiness...or into oblivion, who knows?



Drawing this one was nice. I like how spirals are so easy to doodle.



A heart balloon is tied to a plant.
This is the last doodle of this notebook. Tomorrow we will start a new one, a smaller one this time.


This landscape needs water, somewhere. Maybe it is going to rain soon?


When I'm tilting my head, and squinting my eyes, this is...a portrait of Patrick Star after too many sweets.
Otherwise, I don't know what this is.


A squirrel climbing a Christmas tree, a tree, a tree/bird and some random hills can be seen in this doodle.