Today's Sunday Special shows the entrance to a garden. It is to the left of what is depicted here.



Ok...there is part of a finger print, and scales, flowers and a dart, among other stuff.


An abstract landscape. I want to live next to the waterfall, where the vaguely heart-shaped leaves are growing.


Today's Sunday Special is a big lizard. I'm sorry I can't remember what species. I was painting this many years ago at the zoo.


More flowers and circles I made with the drawing toy. I love how it makes such neat templates.



There seems to be a coat of arms in there, with flowers hanging upside down.
Also, there is an upside down tree or something, and bubbles...seing all that upside down stuff, I wonder about my signature. Did I just sign the doodle upside down, instead of right side up? Hm, that'd explain a lot here.


More flowers made with the spirograph-like toy.
Can life take a turn to the easy route, please?


Doodling with my left hand turned out better and better, I think.

Life still sucks.


I did this one with my left hand, because the right arm was in a splint, after having had a reduction, thankfully under narcotics. The doodle turned out quite scraggly, but also delicate and tender, in a way.
Life today is still quite crappy.


And then, in the middle of that holiday, which was supposed to renew my and the family's strenght, I dislodged my right elbow. Here is what the offspring drew for me, as a consolation. His spaceships are better than mine.
Life still sucks badly.


Holiday motif! In case you can't guess it: that is one very blue ocean here in that doodle.
Life sucks, by the way.


I drew hearts and a smiling sun, fish, feathers and a starfish. An eye, flowers and a giraffe pattern, too. Did I tell you already that I hate life?



A slightly goofy bird king is sitting in a tree. I made this doodle in an airport, waiting for our flight. We went on very much deserved holidays.



I used our 'hypotrochoid drawing set', which is like a downsized spirograph toy, for outlining some flowers.


A portrait of one of our cats. In real life, he's got a red coat, though.


I can't remember exactly where I made this doodle...of course I wrote something on the left of the date, but it doesn't tell me anything that sets off recognition.


A garden for todays' Sunday Special. I wish winter was already over.