Asterisks. Then the round things are presumably planets, or moons?


Mountains and flowers, and lots of UV rays, made visible per drawing.



Apart from landscapes, the ocean and its inhabitants seem to be a recurrent theme with my doodles, don't you think?


Now what's that? Plants again, most likely, but other things, too.


Sunday Special: a hole in the wall, through which Horn Animal Land is visible. Horn animals have an acoustic horn as their snout, and their sounds are therefore various hoots. Although they have only two limbs, they are quite dexterous and usually handle an assortment of simple tools with great confidence. They prefer to stay to themselves and avoid humans.

This is the ocean.



Here I was doodling while waiting for my husband, I think.
This notebook has a red bookmark, as you can see.


Sunday Special! This is last weeks' other half, with the whole dog.


Here is the first page of a new notebook, this time a very small one.


The last doodle of this notebook! Tomorrow, we are getting to an all new notebook...as far as this blog is concerned. Of course, like all my used notebooks, it has been living on a shelf here for quite a while.
Enjoy the hedgehog and his pear!



I see I didn't scan the dog properly for today's Sunday Special. Well, maybe I'll show you the other half of the picture some day!


Even more nice colors, this time via snail shells.

I see my page views have picked up. Thank you. Times are hard for me at the moment, and having blog viewers gives me some comfort.


Now we do some time travelling, even more so than otherwise. I used some of this notebooks' pages on both sides, by glueing thin cardboard pieces on. By flipping through the notebook front to back and then turning it around and turning pages back to front, we now have earlier dates than we had before. Everything is clear as mud now?

For this doodle, I was indulging in lots of colors.