Phew...what do I see here? The whole doodle seems oddly threedimensional to me, although I'm not sure why.



This one is without a date because I took really long to finish it. It shows different mushrooms I found on a walk. The one on the left is a kind of puffball.


There is a lot going on here. Darts, a checkerboard pattern, triangles...


Here we've got three squares, filled with random stuff. There is also a giant eye in the left square, I think.


Today's Sunday Special was made many years ago using titanium white and black ink.


A poinsettia that used to be in our living room. One day, it did its usual trick of losing all its leaves, but instead of growing new ones, it died without any particular reason.


A diamond pattern, a heart and a fish. And a little boat in the top right corner.


Strangely, this house doesn't fall in the 'Object-That-Must-Not-Be-Named'-category. It is too big, somehow, and doesn't have a garden, which is a must.
We've also got a fish here, a heart, and many other things.


An Object That Must Not Be Named. The clothes on the clothesline are what I typically wear when not at work. There is a cat, and the bird king makes an appearance. Also, someone is looking out of the top of the chimney.


Today's Sunday Special are some flowers made with stamps I crafted from paper and random materials I found in the offsprings' crafting supplies. I also used felt tip pens on this.


This has obviously been doodled on the back of the previous doodle. The offspring and I spent a day at the lake.


Again, there is no date. In this one, I like the 'row of trees' with their circular shapes.


This is the bus station where I live. The elderly woman and her caregiver use it regularly for a break on their walk.


2013's last daylily flower. I take care of a flower bed in a shady, wet, stony, small corner below a high wall. The daylily is growing in the best spot.


One without a date. I didn't consider it finished. Also, I was unable to provide a Sunday Special today. Sorry about that, I'll soon resume that habit.


This one doesn't have a date, because it took me very long to finish it. It shows the view in front of a church where the offspring attended mass. I was waiting for the offspring because I was a few minutes early, and couldn't finish the sketch in that short amount of time. When the offspring attended mass here for the next time, months had passed.


An Object That Must Not Be Named. I love that it has got a pond and also a vegetable garden.