An undeveloped lot showed up in the local newspaper. It has power lines above one corner, is pretty dry and close to an old gravel quarry. Of course, I immediately started dreaming of its possibilities as a garden, but it really doesn't have enough water, with being so close to the quarry and all the rain probably going towards that big hole in the ground, only minutes after raining down.
One day, a suitable lot will appear.

Sorry about the quick doodle, but I was just jotting down ideas for the lot.


Actually, I signed this the wrong way...it is a landscape, but only if turned clockwise...oh, well.


Connecting regularly spaced dots, just not all of them, see?


I'll admit this doodle is somewhat boring, but it is the start of a small series of doodles exploring the possibilities of connecting regularly spaced dots.


Hi all!

Maybe if I change this blogs' name to weeklydoodlie? It was nice to not have to update the blog every day...

Anyway, here we've got a classic doodle, meaningless lines and dots.


Dear readers, the upcoming funeral of my granny and other real life things, made me decide to stop blogging for a while. Be good, hopefully I'll continue blogging soon.


A slightly better cow than the last time I doodled one and a red glowing cat, both being in an idyllic landscape.

Today my granny died a few days after her 90th birthday.


Something I saw recently: A doe chasing a buck, quite contrary to what roe deer usually do in autumn. Maybe they wanted to change things up a bit?


I still can't do proper cars, but everything else seems ok to me.


Beads threaded on a dart, and there is a wing in there, also.


And then I bought a green ballpoint pen and used it for doodling.


Didn't I have the plan to doodle something with simpler lines? Oh well.


More colors! :D

I like the additional white borders next to the lines, but this doodle is a bit too wild for my taste. Maybe if I doodled something with very few lines?

(Note to self: Must walk up the hill, do sketches of the cows there. Doodled cow needs improvement.)


I thought I could take a single colored pencil with me, and use it...and not use more colored pencils...really, what was I thinking? When I returned home after this doodle, I equipped myself with several more colors. :)

Here we see a sunset.


A large flower pot or vase, three head-and-feet people, two flowers, hearts, building blocks, eyes with glasses, squares, an insect, three zigzagging lines, a sunset and the ocean and a duck family.


Do you remember the organelles? Ribosomes, vesicles, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, mitochondria... At school, we had to draw them and add the names, for a test in biology. Now the offspring is at the age of learning that stuff.
Obviously I only can remember that a cell has an outline and lots of little things inside... :D


Oh yes, a microorganism series, this time one with three flagella...yes that is the correct plural, I looked it up. I'm sure the other protruding thingies also have a scientific name in real single cell organisms. In my invented ones, they are 'protruding thingies'.


All the flowers are getting a bit old maybe, but here is one more.


This looks a little as if it was stacked one layer on top of the other.



Ahhh! I forgot something on this one! And I only saw it just now, when uploading it.


You see, I'm doodling circular shapes at the moment...until further notice.


Travelling out of season has its perks. Can you imagine the scenery above with people everywhere? I can, but I rather don't.

We finished another notebook with this doodle. Tomorrow it is a new one.



Vacation! I'll be back September 14th at the latest, until then, the beach it is...and the long walks...and sleeping, oh, sleeping...

Be good, yes?