Dartlike mushrooms, probably algae, scales, feathers, flames, an earth worm and fern fronds, and those are all in one doodle!


I don't know why, but the sun is definitely going down in this one. How I can say it is not actually going up? Well, it is just a feeling.


I'm especially fond of the triangle pattern on the top left.


Heart shaped baloons, a tree and feathers. Maybe there is also a Christmas ornament in it. Top left, the star on top of that tip.

One more Sunday Special from the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea illustrations. Those are animals the Nautilus' passengers might have seen during their journey.
I did my illustrations for the German translation, hence the German names of the animals.


I was sitting on a boat jetty and drawing the opposite bank.



This one is a bit like a skyscraper with a huge set of antennae on top. The antennae are obviously supported by a strawberry, however.


Adventures in space. The star fleet badge showed up by chance, and I went from there.


This animal themed doodle started out with the snout of the pig. It developed from the bow pattern, and I thought 'If I added an eye here and drew a rounded part here...it was a pig.'
The feathers and bird and fish followed later. I can't remember where the onion came from.




I think this one is ok. If I was rich, I'd like to get a boat of my own.


The signpost standing in the lake is meant for directing boats...I think. I'm not a signpost-in-the-water expert, by no means.


I dragged a golden pen out of our pencil stash. In reality, the doodle is a little shinier than the scan.


Another view of the lake. It is always beautiful, sun or rain or storm.


More circle templates from bottle caps. There is a laughing monster at the top left. I like the net pattern next to it.


Starfish Sunday Special! Paper, watercolors, felt pens, colored pencils.


Waiting for the offspring...maybe I should make this a category? That building has a strange little tower, as if it was a church or chapel, but it is just an ordinary house...with a turret.


Blue flames at the bottom right, and something indiscernible at the center.


I utterly messed up the size of the Grey Heron. It sat at the end of the row of posts that was there, and while trying to get the heron's shape right, I drew it way to big. So I adjusted the lenght of that one post, to make it look like it was closer to me...and the heron thus appearing normal sized, instead of monster bird sized.


There is a contour map of a river in this doodle, it seems.