Waiting for the offspring, in a park. That's a not so pretty doodle, but a doodle it is.


It reminds me of being under water, because of the bubbles at the bottom and the blue and white center.


Today we've got a star, and some more plants. Maybe there are also rulers in the top right corner.


There seems to be a snail in there somewhere, but I can't quite pin it down. It must be a camouflage expert. On the other hand, I also see flames and a heart, so maybe there is no snail after all?


This Sunday Special is from a city where I used to live. The house was just as asymmetrical in reality as it is in that drawing. I'd love to know how the rooms were shaped. Right angles? Probably not.


Here I did some quick doodling at the lake shore. I like the boats, but the houses at the remote bank are out of proportion. They should be smaller. And I just realized I don't know when it is supposed to be bank and when it is shore...what is the difference?



So I was waiting for the offspring who was playing sports, and I was looking at the floor. Was I going to be patient enough to draw all the small stones? No. But I started drawing, and when I was done drawing all the bigger things, it still needed something. So I started drawing the small stones, and it wasn't that bad after all.


Here I was waiting for the offspring once more. This building consists of a parking garage in the front (foot of a hill), apartments on top and shops on the other side of the apartments (top of a hill). When you park your car at street level, you can walk up the stairs five levels, walk out the other side and are...still at street level. Here you can only see the back of the apartments and the topmost level of the parking garage.


This one has something like loose chainmail in the middle, or maybe a thin curtain?

This Sunday special is from the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea illustrations again: the Nautilus being attacked by giant squids. From bottom to top, used materials are: paper, watercolor, aluminum foil, tracing paper, pencil, watercolor pencils, felt-tip pen.


On that day I was carrying around colored pencils, obviously. The butterfly creature on the lower right is a bit weird.


An abstract landscape. The sun is not only in a picture frame, but it also looks like an eye, I think.

My husbands' old car. It looked only vaguely like that, but that was all I could do.


Another doodle from when I was waiting for the offspring, this time finishing his flute lessons.


Sunday special! This is a watercolor painting of mushrooms. I like the spider web. The painting could have done with some more detail, I think, especially the mushrooms.


Things are getting a little overgrown here, it seems. The whole assortment of grass and moss also appears to float, chained to an anchor?


At the lake, again. I like to believe that was a better drawn boat.


Today there's a Sunday special for you. It is not a doodle, like usual, but part of a small series of illustrations I did for Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

It depicts what I imagine Captain Nemo's pet was going to look like. There is no pet mentioned in the novel, as far as I remember, but I imagine Captain Nemo as more of a cat person than a dog person. The novel also describes the most wonderful and strange creatures of the sea, as well as the Captains' advanced marine biology knowledge...hence the catopus. It is science fiction after all, and who wouldn't love a cuddly cat with eight tentacles?

Also, there is the Big Bang Theory's dogtopus, so obviously we need a catopus, too.

(watercolour pencils, smelly marker pens and felt-tip pen on tracing paper)


A landscape with a river, and the sun and stars in the sky at the same time.


Autumn leaves, and possibly seaweed. Maybe also sunshine and water.


Here I see plants, sun and moon, and maybe geological structures, plus a few random patterns. Later I'd find out that little abstract landscapes are a favorite of mine.


After Yesterdays' doodle, my creativity dried up for a while. I moped, I haunted the internet, and then I found something that sparked my creativity again. Unplanned, but yet intentional doodling:

 It was so much fun, I went on a doodling spree for a couple of days afterwards.