This one takes place in space. The words in English are: 'thingy', 'satellite', 'thingamajig', 'Death Star! Ha!
The words were quite funny when I was writing them, really.


Here we've got an unfinished flower. I lost interest in this doodle when I couldn't find a place where I wanted to add more darkness.


Hm. What is this? Maybe the sun, as seen from under water?


On this page, I used a pen that started bleeding some days after I did the doodle. I like it, but I wish I had known beforehand, then I'd used this more deliberately.


Today's Sunday Special is a paper cut. It depicts what I saw on my walk today.
It was only the second time ever I encountered boar in the wild. It was a sounder of 30 animals or so. Mushrooms, spiders and red kites are pretty much a given around here.


A flower and some random doodles share a page of the notebook.


Everyone who has seen this tells me this is a scary clown. Coulrophobia, anyone?



This is a portrait of our mouse guest Joe. Joe might have been a girl, we are not sure about that. He or she and his or her sibling George (also maybe a boy or girl) lived with us for a while because one of our cats dragged them home while they were still babies. When they had grown out of the obvious baby stage and had started exploring their cage to the very rim we drove them to the nearest forest. I made a makeshift found-wood-tree-trunk-and earth cave, and they both immediately ran into it. I hope they lived a long and happy life, although for mice in the wild it is often short and ends rather abrupt and painful.



A flower and a butterfly, this time it is a pencil doodle.


Today's Sunday Special is an autumn scene made from card stock and digitally altered afterwards.


I was parking next to some trees, and their shadows fell on the notebook page. I scribbled according to the shadows and added finer detail later.


Today we see the first page of a new notebook. It is the one I am currently using.


This is the last doodle of this notebook.It shows a dandelion.


An Object That Must Not Be Named is hiding in this doodle.


A dog, the sun, a boat and a fish. Yes, there is a fish in there somewhere, it is well hidden!