Today's Sunday Special shows the entrance to a garden. It is to the left of what is depicted here.



Ok...there is part of a finger print, and scales, flowers and a dart, among other stuff.


An abstract landscape. I want to live next to the waterfall, where the vaguely heart-shaped leaves are growing.


Today's Sunday Special is a big lizard. I'm sorry I can't remember what species. I was painting this many years ago at the zoo.


More flowers and circles I made with the drawing toy. I love how it makes such neat templates.



There seems to be a coat of arms in there, with flowers hanging upside down.
Also, there is an upside down tree or something, and bubbles...seing all that upside down stuff, I wonder about my signature. Did I just sign the doodle upside down, instead of right side up? Hm, that'd explain a lot here.


More flowers made with the spirograph-like toy.
Can life take a turn to the easy route, please?


Doodling with my left hand turned out better and better, I think.

Life still sucks.


I did this one with my left hand, because the right arm was in a splint, after having had a reduction, thankfully under narcotics. The doodle turned out quite scraggly, but also delicate and tender, in a way.
Life today is still quite crappy.


And then, in the middle of that holiday, which was supposed to renew my and the family's strenght, I dislodged my right elbow. Here is what the offspring drew for me, as a consolation. His spaceships are better than mine.
Life still sucks badly.


Holiday motif! In case you can't guess it: that is one very blue ocean here in that doodle.
Life sucks, by the way.


I drew hearts and a smiling sun, fish, feathers and a starfish. An eye, flowers and a giraffe pattern, too. Did I tell you already that I hate life?



A slightly goofy bird king is sitting in a tree. I made this doodle in an airport, waiting for our flight. We went on very much deserved holidays.



I used our 'hypotrochoid drawing set', which is like a downsized spirograph toy, for outlining some flowers.


A portrait of one of our cats. In real life, he's got a red coat, though.


I can't remember exactly where I made this doodle...of course I wrote something on the left of the date, but it doesn't tell me anything that sets off recognition.


A garden for todays' Sunday Special. I wish winter was already over.



Dartlike mushrooms, probably algae, scales, feathers, flames, an earth worm and fern fronds, and those are all in one doodle!


I don't know why, but the sun is definitely going down in this one. How I can say it is not actually going up? Well, it is just a feeling.


I'm especially fond of the triangle pattern on the top left.


Heart shaped baloons, a tree and feathers. Maybe there is also a Christmas ornament in it. Top left, the star on top of that tip.

One more Sunday Special from the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea illustrations. Those are animals the Nautilus' passengers might have seen during their journey.
I did my illustrations for the German translation, hence the German names of the animals.


I was sitting on a boat jetty and drawing the opposite bank.



This one is a bit like a skyscraper with a huge set of antennae on top. The antennae are obviously supported by a strawberry, however.


Adventures in space. The star fleet badge showed up by chance, and I went from there.


This animal themed doodle started out with the snout of the pig. It developed from the bow pattern, and I thought 'If I added an eye here and drew a rounded part here...it was a pig.'
The feathers and bird and fish followed later. I can't remember where the onion came from.




I think this one is ok. If I was rich, I'd like to get a boat of my own.


The signpost standing in the lake is meant for directing boats...I think. I'm not a signpost-in-the-water expert, by no means.


I dragged a golden pen out of our pencil stash. In reality, the doodle is a little shinier than the scan.


Another view of the lake. It is always beautiful, sun or rain or storm.