Quite a while ago, I saw a TV documentary about Australia. Aboriginal rock art was shown, and to me it looked like various animals with three ears each. So, here are a couple of animals with three ears for today's Sunday Special. As the rock art was shown without any explanation, I was left wondering: Did I really see three ears, or am I misunderstanding something?


Rectangular beings queueing up for we don't know what. The first in line seems to think whatever waits there is not so good, after all.


Squares with different patterns have a city and clouds on top.
Sorry I was posting late today!


This Sunday Special is the last one done with crayons and a toothpick, at least for a while.
It shows marine animals.


When I doodled this one, I was quite sad. You wouldn't guess, however, from the Object That Must Not Be Named, the bear, the sunflower, the giant bucket, the tree and the bird king in this doodle. Maybe the clouds indicate my mood at the time?



Felt tip pens and colored pencils were used to color in some stars, circles, hearts and random shapes.


Today's Sunday Special shows a Wolpertinger. Like last weeks' Sunday Special, this one was done with crayons, and a toothpick and a needle.


An owl is sitting in a tree. Also, there is a giant flower.



This Sunday Special was made using crayons and a toothpick.


Here is a flower drawn with the help of our spiral-drawing-thingy, and something like a fingernail.


December 2013 seems to have been a time when a lot of people were waiting for dragons.


Another Object That Must Not Be Named. I like that there are plants growing on the roof...also, one of the plants caught a cloud.



Another bento box for the offspring: Corn salad, bits of sausage and halved olives on a pick, the diagonal black thing is a spoon, wheat porridge with a cocoa swirl. Right part of box: Sausage octopus, carrot slices, two sugar coated chocolate sweets, cucumber slices, sausage fish.


Today we see the first page of a new notebook. It shows a bento box. I am doing bento regularly for the offspring, and in this box are mandarin orange segments, a type of chocolate bar that has been cut into three pieces, green olives, a radish with decorative carving, a rolled up strip of a cheese slice, the rim of a salad leaf, a sausage flower, apple slices, hazel nuts and cucumber slices.