Little bows, a star pattern on the left, and lots of other stuff.




Hi dear readers. There is still massively stressful stuff going on in my family, but for the time being I am back to regular posting.
The building above is my offsprings' school, or rather a part thereof.


Bows, flowering moss, hearts and lines with antennae.

Due to stressful stuff happening in my family I have to take care of I won't be able to post a Daily Doodlie for a few days or a week or two.


Well, I was really out of ideas, hence the fairy tale castle...


''Offspring, I am all out of ideas what to doodle. Do you have an idea?''
''Draw a spaceship battle!'' (in tones of excitement)
''...any other ideas?'' (substantially less excitement)
''With laser beams, and one of the spaceships is already a little broken, and a planet!''

So here we've got a spaceship battle.


A small street in a city where I used to live, as today's Sunday Special.


Now this was a surprise! I'd been waiting for the offspring, who was playing sports, and was walking towards a forest. In it, I turned left, up a small hill, and on its top was a ruined castle. I didn't have my notebook with me, so I drew the above from my memory. There really isn't much more left of the castle than a single wall.


A person with their dog, and the person again. I guess the dog is a dachshund?


Here we can see two Objects That Must Not Be Named. For some reason I signed this doodle upside down.


A bird on a plant, at the beach, with a building site in the background.


That is a lamp, for putting on a nightstand or something. Instead of buying it where we were on holiday, I made this doodle and recreated such a lamp at home. My husband, offspring and I collected bottle caps, I drilled holes in them,bought a lamp base and wire and put everything together. Took me only 15 months to get such a lamp. :D


In 2012, we went on a holiday for Christmas. Best idea we ever had! When I've saved up some money, I want to do that again. What you see here is a boat for watching fish. Its underside consists of many windows, one next to the other.


For today's Sunday Special, the Bird King makes an appearance.


I think pink and orange are matching colors. They do look great here, don't they? :)


Two flowers drawn with the help of spiral pattern helper tool, sitting on top of a group of beads on strings.