A landscape, who'd have thought about anything like that? :D


The same ball as yesterday, only via black dots instead of colors.
I'm doing some extraneous doodling since a couple of days. I started a new notebook while the current one is still in use. The new notebook has squared paper, and doodling feels like back in the day, at school, when I was trying to make lessons go by faster.


This was colored in using a yellow, a red and a blue pencil.


This looks like one of those flying disc toys made from fabric.


This doodle has organic shapes and points upwards, somehow.



A house that also is a city, and has a couple of small gardens.


It started out as a portrait of my cat and then turned into something else...not sure if it is even a cat anymore.


The sun is especially fond of the trees in this doodle, it seems.



See the date? It is an earlier date than the one on yesterdays' doodle. Why? I don't know. Maybe I was confused and mixed up dates. Sometimes it is even difficult for me to remember which weekday it is.
Anyway, we've got something similar than yesterday here, only the beans being beads today, and different background lines.


An animal stands next to an Object That Must Not Be Named. Also, there is a tree.